Configuring AMP WP Options

Click on “Customized AMP” under the AMP WP to help you configure your AMP the way you want.


  1. Logo: You can see options named Text Logo and Logo to “Add Logo” to your AMP Site. It will be visible on the header bar.
  2. Search: You can enable or disable “Search” on the header bar.
  3. Sticky Header: You can enable or disable the sticky header on the header bar.


  1. Sidebar: You can select the option on whether to show or hide the sidebar.
  2. Logo: You can see an option named Logo to Add a Logo to your AMP Sidebar.
  3. Social Links: You can add Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and email links here.
  4. Copyright Text: You can update your copyright text.


  1. Copyright Text: You can update copyright text.
  2. Show Non-AMP Version Link: You can show or hide a non-AMP version link.
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