Uninstalling AMP


Setting up this part is very important as it prevents Google to index your pages.

We’ll add in a line of Code in the Custom HTML Code of the AMPWP Options Panel.

After just one or two weeks, there will be a decrease in indexing. As it is completely done, we have to go the next step of deactivating and deleting the plugin.

Deactivate & Delete the AMP Plugin

First, go to the Plugins Panel and deactivate the AMP WP Plugin.

After deactivating the plugin delete it completely. This last step will ensure the AMP is removed from your site.

Set up a Proper Redirection

At times, you’ll encounter an issue after you deactivate the AMP. You will see 404 on pages. To prevent that from happening, set up a proper “Redirect” to the appropriate content and fix 404. This will ensure your users aren’t annoyed by any 404 pages.

That’s it for this tutorial!

We hope that this tutorial on the uninstallation process helped you. Do ask us any questions and give us your feedback. We welcome it!

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